Friday, 12 April 2013


Yes, my blog posts are a bit like buses..…. 
The weather’s been so shitty here that I’ve only this week got back on a road bike, after commuting all winter on my drinking bike MTB shod with bullet-proof but oh-so-weighty, Schwalbe Marathons.   The difference in performance has been so marked that I’ve felt like one of those Spring lambs gambolling in the fields, marvelling in their new-found prowess.  The joy was short-lived however and I nearly nominated myself for the Darwin Awards on my homeward commute on Wednesday.
I could feel my left crank working loose and sure enough, the nut holding it to the bottom bracket had come un-done. It’s one of those old-school ones that need a socket wrench, which I didn’t have on me - so I was stumped four miles from home.  Quick risk assessment – “OK, screw it on by hand, adopt one and a half-legged pedalling and stay seated so if it comes off I’ll be safe enough and that will at least be quicker than walking”  Doh….!
So I got half a mile along the road to East Calder High Street, the crank comes off, still attached to my shoe, pivots round, somehow gets jammed between front wheel and frame (wish I could see a slo-mo vid of this bit!), bike comes to an instant halt and I’m dumped like a sack of spuds, what seemed like jaw-first, on to the tarmac.  Must’ve looked a bad’un because the folk watching weren’t even laughing. 
So a nice ‘70s steel frame has been written-off (though credit to the builder, the brazed joints were all intact) and I’ve got a cracked tooth, stiff neck and marginally less attractive face.  What a week it’s been! Only the day before, I left my “cashback” tenner at the till in Asda.  The only thing that’s cheered me up is that Judy Garland is doing rather well in the Charts.

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Ali Bryan-Jones said...

Ouch indeed. Reminds me of the time I cycled into the front of a stationary Transit van - the last thing I remember before waking up in hospital was getting into a tuck, looking at my bike computer and thinking "Wow, if I keep my head down I can go at 30mph"...