Wednesday, 12 October 2011


A wee shout for Trotter FGM Steve Cairns who apparently finished 4th in Sunday's Kielder marathon. Except Stevie was 3rd at 15 miles with a 6-minute cushion to 4th, and no-one overtook him for the rest of the race. Turns out the aptly named Rob Sloan jumped on a bus, leap-frogged the leaders, hid behind a tree until the first two had passed, then trotted in for a "podium finish", thus ruining Steve's glory moment. He had the cheek to deny any wrong-doing when Stevie confronted him, and was even interviewed by the local media, sporting his bronze medal.

Fortunately, witnesses spotted the bus hopping and tree hiding, and the results have now been rectified. Stevie normally sorts out his problems with an Uzie 9 milimetre when on security duty down the airport, so it's perhaps fortunate for Sloan that Steve didn't have his work gear with him. Although denied of his podium glory, the silver lining for Steve has been appearances in the Metro, BBC and even Channel 4 news, and no doubt a forthcoming appearance on Opra. And Sloan has now been epxosed as a total prat.


Debs M-C said...

It's so bad. Can't believe anyone would do that! I guess he will be in hiding for a very long time!

John Kynaston said...

When I saw that clip I thought it was one of your Trotter vests.

Glad Stevie has got some recognition for his 3rd place.