Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sara's New Wheels

Mush, daddy!
Gulshen cancelled her gym membership because we’re skint – (a rare case of acknowledging the difference between “need” and “want”) - then went straight out and blew a year’s gym fees on the ultimate in stroller technology!. And when she sees the shiny new bike I’ll be getting with the Cycle to Work scheme (a shut-and-dried case of “need”, surely?!), with its monthly gym fee-sized payments - which I’ve sort of told her about, I think - she’ll be straight back to the gym to re-join!  Still, the buggy removes any remaining excuses for training sloth and Sara seems to like careering around the block at high speed.  Fortunately she’s young enough to believe that this is all quite normal.


Anonymous said...

It sure looks the bees knees; but should you not / could you not have made one for her yourself in your own inimitable style? ;-)

Murdo t M

Anonymous said...

I've just sold my Baby Jogger on ebay this week. It's helping to finance my shiny new bike :-)

Debs M-C