Sunday, 13 March 2011

Needs Must

Freezer bags - the new Goretex
Well, I paid for last weekend's over-exuberance, with DOMS' vice-like grip reducing me to a geriatric hobble until Wednesday. Gingerly eased back into motion with a 3, then a 6 on Thursday and Friday.
Waking up to yesterday's white blanket raised my spirits as I love running on snow. My waterproof goretex socks were great while they lasted but have long given up the ghost. And with outside rapidly turning to slush, if ever I needed them, it was yesterday. Time for plan B then - my sock/freezer bag/sock sandwich. And if they didn't work, then no doubt I'd return with the bags having fulfilled their original purpose.
With my calves still tender, it wasn't a day for heroics, so off I trotted at gentle pace for an enjoyable 10 mile slither round Livi swamp, plough and paths. The bags worked a treat btw.
Off down to Sheffield next week, so will try and get in a couple of sections of the Round Rotherham course.

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