Sunday, 6 March 2011

Born-again Blogger

With apologies to Bill Smith for the title of my new blog.  What happened to the old one?  Well, I started it to record my prep for the 2009 WHW, so by 2010 it had served its purpose, so I took it off-line. Then when I got the blogging bug again it had disappeared, so it was start from scratch I'm afraid.  Bugger...

Wasn’t running at all over the summer but started training again in October so I’m jumping on the born-again-blogging bandwagon to pollute cyberspace with yet more worthless drivel.  This blog will be about my hobbies in general rather than just running, and these tend to vary quite a bit, depending on what I happen to be obsessed about at the time.

Sara checks out her new Home
So what was I up to last year?  Well, I’ve certainly been busy – stocking my wine cellar with a year’s supply of plonk at 30p a bottle (now that’s what I call a useful hobby - and one which I’ll probably allude to in the coming weeks).  But last year’s mammoth project was the "3-week" design and construction of a geodesic dome playhouse for Sara (main ingredients –  4mm ply, plastic tie-wraps and sawdust) which I started last spring – it turned out to be a project so beset by cost over-runs and erosion of family quality time that I was in danger of having to move into it permanently myself.  Still, numerous Health & Safety violations notwithstanding (hint – using an angle grinder with the guard removed, with one leg perched on an unsupported ladder, the other on a wobbly roof and the third support point being the elbow of the arm holding the grinder is best not tried at home), it was a good 6-month upper-body workout programme and Sara did get to play in it before the first frosts.

As for running, I now have a 16-week average for the first time in ages! That figure stands at 29 mpw.  Mostly jogging but I’ve been feeling a bit fitter over the last month and will be gradually introducing a bit of quality work.  Racing-wise, I’ve not felt in good enough shape to make any real plans at the moment but then, reading how little mileage Gavin McKinley does, I might even consider giving the Fling a go in April if all goes well.  Impressive though the meagreness of Gav’s schedule is, what he fails to mention is all the supplementary fartlek sessions he gets whist protecting Dundee’s good citizens from ne’er-dae-wells.

Yesterday was a near-perfect day to be out so I took full advantage to get in my first proper hill run for over a year.  Gulshen was off to Auld Reekie to exercise her PIN finger, so as a penance I insisted on cadging a lift to Threipmuir Reservoir at Balerno. From there I made my way back to Livi on a 15-mile route via the Howe, up over Scald Law (I think the highest climb in the Pentlands), the Kips, and East Cairn, before heading north on the Drovers’ “road”, on over the Lang Whang to Corston Hill and home via a tackle-shrivelling deep-freeze wade across the Linhouse Water.  Over-did it a bit as my DOMS-seized buttocks, quads and calves testify today but worth it on-balance and hopefully that will clear up early in the week.

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John Kynaston said...

Good to see you back in the world of blogging and running again.

BTW love the play house!